GORDON GatheringS

Whether it has been Aberdeenshire County, Gordon Area or Gordon District, members have taken part in large gatherings from within the membership. Since "Gordon" was formed in 1975, these have been known as Gordon Gatherings. These have sometimes incorporated some additional purpose such as Chief Scouts' (Sir Charles McLean, Sir William Gladstone, Major General Walsh, Garth Morrison, and George Purdie) visits Centenaries or Millennia, Here is a list of some of them:


1962 - Garioch District Scout Camp, Mead of St John (Forres)

1964 - Haddo House (Chief Scout Sir Charles McLean visit)

1964 - 1st North of Scotland Roverang, Haddo

1966 - Garioch District Camp, Glen Dye

1972 - Venture/Ranger Moot, Dunecht, “Quest 72”

1972 - South East Aberdeenshire District Camp, Castle Forbes

1973 - “Search 73” Castle Forbes “ George Pound” SHQ Chief Comm. Attended

1975 - GORDON AREA FORMED (formerly Aberdeenshire County)

1977 - South East District Camp

1978 – Haddo Estate (Chief Scout Sir William Gladstone visit)

1984 - Gordon Gathering, Haddo Estate

1985 - Haddo Estate (Chief Scout Major General Walsh visit)

1987 - Gordon Gathering III, Castle Forbes

1989 - Gordon Gathering IV, Fetternear

1990 - Gordon Area Scouts “Go For A Million”, Fetternear

1993 - Gordon Gathering V, Cluny Castle (Chief Scout Garth Morrison visit)

1995 - Gordon Gathering VI, Fetternear

1998 - Gordon Gathering VII, Castle Forbes (Chief Scout George Purdy visit)

2000 - Gordon Gathering VIII, Haddo Estate (Millennium Camp)

2007 - Gordon Gathering IX, Castle Forbes (Scouting’s Centenary Camp)

2008 – GORDON DISTRICT FORMED (formerly Gordon Area)

2014 - Gordon Gathering X, BA Stores, Lyne of Skene

2017 - Gordon Gathering XI, BA Stores, Lyne of Skene

2019 - Gordon Gathering XII, BA Stores, Lyne of Skene

When and where will the next one be?!