Jambowlree 2020

The results are in ....



COVID -19 (Coronavirus)

Here is the latest advice from Scout HQ regarding Covid-19. Please keep an eye on this as it will no doubt change frequently over the next wee while.


Dear all,

You will no doubt have seen the widespread media coverage around the Coronavirus and how it is affecting different parts of the world.

The Coronavirus situation will continue to develop, and I understand members will have questions. These questions may be about holding Scout meetings and events, jamborees or upcoming international trips and expeditions they have planned.

We must respond to the developing situation in a calm, measured and appropriate way. We should use and refer to the official Government advice, which is being regularly updated as the situation changes.

Managing the risk in the UK

The Government's Coronavirus webpage is frequently updated as things develop, so please check it regularly at

Returning from abroad

The Government Coronavirus webpage advises on what to do if people have recently returned from areas affected by the virus. Please check the adviceand the list of countries. Just like everyone else, our Members should follow the standard advice on self-isolation if that is applicable.


If you or your team are organising any Scout events, please make sure you regularly read the latest Government advice and then update your risk assessments if necessary.

Scout trips abroad

As well as the Government Coronavirus webpage, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website has information, guidance and travel advice, along with details of any restrictions.

The Coronavirus situation may have implications for your travel insurance. Check with your insurers directly about the levels of cover and verify that the trip continues to have appropriate insurance as the situation develops.

If you have taken insurance through Unity, they have provided an update here.

Check for changes

As you will understand, this is a rapidly changing situation. Please continue to check the Government webpage for updates, and follow their advice to guide your local decisions.

We'll be sharing some advice with all members in the March member email on Tuesday 3 March, but you may share this email with your team before then if required.

Thank you

As always, I want to say a big thank you for everything you do for Scouts. By checking and following the latest Government advice and by taking a calm and measured approach, we can continue to ensure that young people and adults can enjoy Scout activities safely.

Best wishes,

Tim Kidd

UK Chief Commissioner



Cub Quiz Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 Cub Quiz Winners, "The Masterminds" from Inverurie Harlaw

The Masterminds / Inverurie Harlaw - 45Harlaw Cubtrotters / Inverurie Harlaw - 42.5Daviot Oldmeldrum 2 - 41.5Dragons Dens / Kinellar - 39Golden Quill / Kintore - 38New Macher-ena & Inverurie Barra A - 37Scout Standing / Kintore - 36.5Dunnydeer Dreadnaughts / Insch - 35.5Balmedie Bonkers / Kemnay Eagles - 34.5Daviot Oldmeldrum 1 - 33.5Humans / Kinellar - 32.5Insch Invaders - 32Inverurie Barra B - 31

Explorer Bennachie Orienteering Challenge - 30th Aug

Orienteering Challenge for teams of 4 - 6 Explorers on bike or on foot.

Find as many markers as you can in the time limit! Strategic thinking required - each marker is worth different points and penalties for late finish.

Registration at the Back of Bennachie Anytime between 10am -12pm

Socialise afterwards with other Explorers in our café tent.

Entries and Fees to be submitted by Friday 26th June

Final participant names by Friday 21st August

Entry Fee £5 per person plus a cake or tray of homebakes per team for the café!

Prizes for winners, badge for everyone.

Leaders welcome to help on the day.


Hills Team Walks - 2020

The 2020 hills team start their programme of hill walks on Saturday 1st Feb. As is traditional, the first one of the year will be on Lord Arthur's hill, near Alford. No requirement for Troop/Unit leaders to be there but they are welcome.

Look here to see more detailed information.

Here are the stats since the team started in 2013.

> 100 participants

51 walks

714 hill days

190 hill days in 2019 (8 walks)

27 neckers issued (to those completing 10 walks with the team)

13 people > 15 walks

5 people > 25 walks

2 people >= 40 walks (Alistair Simpson - 48 & Matt Kaye - 40)

Thanks to Ali for organising the walks.


First Aid

Scouting is updating the first aid requirements. One of those is that members are required to maintain a minimum of first response at all times following their first appointment review.

A transition until 31 December 2020 has been provided to ensure enough time to adapt to the new requirements.



Most Groups and Units already use OSM (Online Scout Manager) to manage their membership, badgework and administration. District have agreed that they will pay for the Gold level of OSM for every Section. Details of how to go about this were emailed to GSLs and ESLs, along with the code required. If you have not received this information ask your GSL or let the DC know.

If you wish Gold+ you just pay the additional amount.

To find out what OSM actually does, click here. From many leaders in Gordon and my own experience, this is excellent software to help manage your Section.

The Scout Association are currently in contract negotiations with OSM and it is looking likely that it will be endorsed soon. Listen here.