The District owns various bits of equipment that are available to borrow. The equipment is generally provided free of charge to Groups in the District (and others) although a small fee may be charged to cover wear and tear. This allows a more varied programme of activities without the expense of buying or hiring equipment. Some Groups have the equipment and appropriately qualified leaders to enable a number of other activities and there are a number of permit holders throughout the District. See below:

Lottery Licence

Any Group or Unit in the District can use the District lottery licence, subject to certain conditions. Contact the District Treasurer for more details.

DVD / Film Licence

District have a licence that enables all Groups and Units in Gordon District to play DVDs at their meetings or camps. No charge can be made.


The District has a good number of qualified people and the equipment to run archery sessions for all ages from Beavers to Adults. The equipment is only available to those who are qualified individuals. For booking, contact


Some basic climbing and abseiling is held withing the District. Helmets, harnesses, ropes and carribiners are among the equipment available for use. The full list is available on request and a history is maintained of its use. Again, fully qualified people are the only ones allowed to borrow it.

Crate Climbing

The District also have all the relevant equipment (seperate to the climbing) to run crate climbing and is available at Daviot Campsite.


A few marquees are available for hire from District, Region or some Groups. The District have the following:

  • 1' x 1'

NE Region:

Methlick Scout Group:

Kinellar Scout Group:


Some Groups own kayaks and canoes and may be prepared for them to be used and to provide the leadership. Contact the DC for further information.


Methlick Scout Group own a minibus (no towbar) that may be available to borrow, under certain circumstances. For further information click here.


Leaders within the District have the following permits:

Nights Away (indoor, campsite, greenfield, lightweight)Hillwalking (T1 & T2 summer)Mountain biking (T1 summer)Archery (no compound)Canoeing (B1 waters)Kayaking (B1 waters)Climbing & abseilingMotor cruising (B2 waters)Narrow boating (B2+ waters)Power boating (B2 waters)Rafting (B1 waters)Snowsports (on piste)Trailer drivingMinibus driving

These leaders may be able to assist you to run these activities. Give the DC a call to get further information.

Other Equipment

CommunicationsSmall PA systemProjectors and screen2 way radios (20)GPS x 10
CateringCatering equipment (wide variety)Gas & Electric urnsCommercial gas bbqCommercial gas ovens
Power & LightingGeneratorGas floodlightElectric halogen floodlights
Activities & GamesLarge garden games (Jenga, Connect 4, Dominos, Chess, Viking Kubb, 3 man skisBadge makerCasino equipment (black jack board, craps board, roulette, horse racing, playing cards, dice, fake money)Fishing rodsCycle helmetsSurvival suitsSumo suitsPioneering polesRopes
CampingMarqueesTentsHike tentsAir bedsSleeping bags
First AidResuci-Anne dolls (QCPR ready)First aid kitsStretcher
ArcheryBows (wide variety for left & right handed people and for all ages from 5-6 year old to adults)ArrowsBosses & facesArm protectorsFinger tabsArrow straightenerFletcher
ClimbingFigure 8'sBelay devicesKaribinersHelmetsHarnessesStatic ropeDynamic ropeSlings
Crate ClimbingCratesDynamic ropeHelmetsHarnessesKaribinersSlings

If you wish to borrow any of the above equipment, email the equipment quartermaster